Talking With Plants, My Friends the Orchids

I am not very small animals I know, my sister, for example, is cats, but I am more than plants and stones. So today I am going to talk about plants, more specifically with orchids, my good friend’s orchids.

My passion began just 10 years ago, they started giving me orchids and I also bought them. They came to live with me and since then there are always orchids at home.

Maybe for some, it is nonsense but for me every flower is a gift, to see how from a bud the flower is born is amazing and that I have seen many flowers, but I still get excited when I see that a new flower is going to come out.

Next, I want to tell you how I do the pruning of orchids in case someone else can find it useful.

By the way, I always talk about the Phalaenopsis variety, whose flower is similar to the wings of a butterfly.

We start from the pot always transparent so that the roots always have light. I do not know if you know, but originally the orchids were in the trunks of the trees and do not remain in one place, they move, very slowly but that is why the external and internal roots.

At the end of September, I clean the roots, prune them and leave them strong for the following year and at the beginning of January again to take stems and then flowers.

And once clean, we water them and leave them in an area of ​​the house that gives them the sun but without burning them and where we can water them, at least once a week.

I tell you, my way of watering them is very simple, I put them in the sink and water them with plenty of water until they are completely dry, maybe they can be a couple of hours to dry completely. I have not left them flooded, I have heard since I think that they are doing much better. And the water I use is water that does not come directly from the tap, I put water in a carafe and let it sit for several days without a cap so that it is not straight from the tap. That was already done by my mother, so I copied the idea.

And from that moment to wait for the stem to arrive and then the flower, as can be seen in the following photo and the flowers. I help them with a stick so that the stems can continue to rise, and giving flowers, it is a great gift.

Of this Phalaenopsis orchid variety, there are about 60 different species so you can get tired of finding flowers with their sizes, colors, and differences.

During this period I also had some odd gifts, for example when these micro mushrooms appeared in the cork of the orchid, I was looking for and it seems that the cork I used had spores and hence they came out. It lasted a short time, but he liked to remember it.

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