Our Garden, a Refuge Away From Stress

Every day it seems that a part of our lives is taken by technology, we rarely separate from mobile phones, traffic, rush, hustle, etc. We are immersed in the digital age. But in the garden we find the necessary counterweight to not feel far from nature. This is the reason why many people are attracted to gardening activities.

To consider!

There are several fundamental factors that must be taken into account when building a place for rest and meditation in the garden:


This feature is necessary, not only for peace of mind but also for privacy. If you live in a city, it will be virtually impossible to find a slightly isolated place, so it will be necessary to install a closure. Choose those that use the best techniques to allow the passage of light and air, sacrificing a small part of the views.

You can install fences on which you can grow a vine or hedges.


The noisy atmosphere of the city: neighbors, traffic, etc. they threaten the enjoyment of peace, so every garden for retirement must have a fountain whose water masks these discomforts. When choosing it, you not only have to look at its design but also take into account the amount of water that flows through it, as this is a fundamental factor to make enough noise to mitigate the noise of the city.


Each stone, each plant can become a focus of meditation. These gardens have few elements but selected and arranged in great detail.

In other cases, symbolic imagery is more important, with gardens that normally have a work of art that is the central point of it and that represents something very significant for the religion in question. It can be from the sculpture of a goddess as figures of the animal kingdom, among other reasons. This choice must be personal to make the space more intimate.


It will also be necessary to have furniture to sit or lie down, it must fit harmoniously with the rest of the garden. The best choice will be the high-quality wooden garden furniture, as they will be comfortable both in summer and winter. It must also take into account the availability of many areas of shade in the garden, which can be permanent, such as a large roof-shaped pergola; although you can also opt for something simpler like an umbrella.

Plants and flowers

The plants you have to choose for this garden must be your favorites. Choose those species that offer a greater diversity of foliage, color, and texture so that when they have not yet bloomed the garden has a colorful appearance. The green color is best to absorb light and eliminate glare from glossy surfaces.

When it comes to flowers, it is a very personal choice. You can select those that have an intense aroma and that live a long time. In very hot climates it may be more successful to choose flowers of cold colors such as white, blue, purple and pink, thus avoiding reds, oranges, and yellows.

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