How to Grow Mint

If you like mint and you want to create your own urban garden, these indications will be very useful to know firsthand how to grow mint and thus make the most of all its benefits and properties.

Peppermint is a type of aromatic plant that is characterized by having properties medicinal as are its antiseptic and spectral properties which cause us to consume mint in those moments that we suffer from a sore throat or chest discomfort.

Growing mint requires that we have a place without much sun exposure. Although the mint can be in the sun, the ideal is to grow in the shade or in what we call semi-shade. If it is not possible, we can place it in a place where the sun comes but in small quantities. On the other hand, like many crops, mint needs a humid place, something to keep in mind during maintenance and irrigation.

Peppermint is a type of horizontal development plant. This means that when planting it, you need a wide place, be it a pot or a cultivation table, depending on where we make our urban garden. It is recommended that it is about 20 centimeters deep so that it can grow without any problem. Unlike other crops, mint is recommended to grow alone.

As we said before, mint requires regular watering and plenty of water, especially in the stages of greatest growth during the spring and summer months.

Within possible pests or diseases that you can find when growing mint we highlight the Roya, a type of disease that causes the plants to turn yellow on the stems, and the Phyllosticta methane, a fungus that causes brown spots throughout the plant.

Like all plants, you can make a growing association, which means growing more plants in the same urban garden. In the case of mint, a good crop association would be with spinach, lettuce or cabbage.

The harvest of the mint is carried out in the summertime, where you have to cut the tender shoots of the grass, leaving the leaves to dry in a cool place. Try not to harvest on cloudy or rainy days.

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