How to Grow and Reproduce Geraniums

In this article, we will see how to grow and reproduce Geraniums in a very simple way. I will tell you everything you need to grow these resistant plants, how to make a geranium cut, when to water and what pests or diseases usually suffer. A little of everything so that growing geraniums in your garden or garden is a success.

Geranium is a very common plant in balconies, garden even in the garden since it attracts a lot of beneficial fauna. It is a plant that sometimes gives us an explosive and continuous flowering. There are many varieties but all have similar care.

When planting geraniums in an orchard or garden we will consider choosing a good place, they are resistant plants, but they want nutrient-rich soils with good drainage. As for sun exposure, the ideal is the more hours of direct sun the better, but if you live in a very warm climate, you will appreciate some shade during the day.

Before carrying out the transplant to its definitive place it is convenient to nourish the soil, I have used a substrate for geraniums, it is enriched and with a stimulator to grow its roots, I have also added some earthworm humus. In case of transplanting it to a pot with the substrate, it would be sufficient.

Geranium cuttings

If you want to grow and reproduce geraniums, I have good news to give you, this plant does not need rooting hormones and usually grasps very easily. Ideally, in those months free of frost, select cuttings or healthy branches without flowers.

These we will remove all the leaves and leave only 2 or 3, as we will bury 2 or 3 yolks, keep the substrate moist and in the shade, after about 20 days these cuttings will already be rooted and ready to be planted.

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