How to Care for the Lawn and Always Be Green?


Irrigation is not lacking, but we can not pass because the roots rot by suffocation.

In summer, it is usually watered about 15 minutes of diffusers daily and 25 minutes of sprinklers.

Waterings more spaced in time but more abundant in volume produce a better development in depth of the roots. Excessive irrigation, by the way, very frequent, causes fungal diseases and root asphyxiation.

The best times to water are early in the morning or at sunset. Or if you have automatic irrigation, also at night.

  • Avoid watering the central hours of the day, when it is hotter.
  • More water is lost by evaporation.
  • The wind is greater, so there are more losses due to evaporation and the irrigation is less uniform, that is, in some places more waterfalls than in others.
  • Fungus attack is favored.

Cut / prune

The cuts must be done regularly, weekly, I am speaking from the technical and professional. If the grass is left very tall and then it is cut a lot we will get a rough grass that turns pale, yellow, particularly in spring and summer. This treatment also tends to have thin grass which allows weeds to appear. The same happens when they cut very low, the soil begins to be exposed to the sun and sprout all the seeds that we do not want, in the end, the grass is anything but grass.

On the other hand, with a certain height, we achieve a mattress that generates shade below and beats weeds because it has no light to grow. In summer, it is essential to raise the cut to counteract the effects of heat (stress on the grass).

  • Avoid exaggerating the machine speed.
  • Alternate the direction and direction of the cut.
  • Correctly check and maintain machine parts, wheels and especially sharpening the blades.

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