10 Spectacular Xxl Tall Garden Plants

It can be somewhat complicated to find tall garden plants to decorate. This is because many plants do not tolerate climatic changes. And this is something that should be taken into consideration when designing your garden with this type of vegetation.

Decorating with tall plants is not anything and should be taken seriously. However, they are an ideal alternative for both professional and amateur gardeners. It can be a real nuisance if they do not tolerate the shade or do not require too much sun. Therefore, in this article, we will help you identify which plants can be beneficial for you. We will find plants that can resist so much sunlight, or do without it.

Tall garden plants

Tall garden plants can be a great ornamental touch. The way to locate and plant them becomes strategically. Thus, we will use the empty spaces to take advantage of.

These plants can be planted directly in the soil, as well as in large pots that resist their roots. In this way we can vary the designs of our exteriors, making them look a little more modern.

Let’s keep in mind that sometimes tall plants can look rustic. So we must place them well inside the garden. In order to achieve uniformity and that is consistent with our personal taste.

The following plants are possible options that you can choose:

The palm tree

It perfectly withstands sunlight and all types of soil, although it is preferable that it does not receive light directly. Withstand winters very well withstand up to -14°C. This plant can give your garden a more exotic look.

The trunk of Brazil

It is a thick and striking trunk, for its large and exotic leaves. Excellent for the uncovered garden because it measures more than 1.30 meters. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The leaves should be kept moist with irrigation twice a week.

Chestnut of Guinea

It tends to imitate jungle trees. It does not grow more than one and a half meters tall, it is a plant that does not require much care. It should be placed directly in the light, its irrigation should be very little. It does not resist the cold and can also continue to grow indoors.

The gramineous

Beautiful ornamental plant, although it lacks aesthetic value. They usually reign very well in the gardens with their gray tones. It is ideal to know what this type of plant is currently being used to provide a wild appearance.

We cannot forget that these tall plants are also a trend in-home or office decorations. Proposing a touch of elegance in the spaces where they are placed. The internal gardens provide a warm and familiar atmosphere.

The most popular upper floors of the inner garden to dress the internal spaces, without cluttering or cluttering are the following:

Caryota Urens

It has an original shape in its fishtail palms. Although it is a high floor you can trim its leaves if it hinders the spaces. This plant looks great in the high corridors of greenhouses with lost spaces. Its large leaves give you great utility. Its shrub reaches many centimeters high with which you can take advantage in the free zones.

Bird of paradise flower

Despite its moderate height, the interesting thing about this plant is its striking colors. They can give you an exotic aesthetic inside the home. Its dense flowers are considered by the decorators the element that works to cover any lost space.

Ficus Carica

It is perfect to recreate a unique space within the garden. Its size is very useful to imitate natural areas and forests. They provide tranquility and serenity to your home.

Adam’s rib

It is a climber that serves to decorate spaces that contain low light. And it is characterized by its rib-shaped leaves. This plant is widely used for its survival to places that have low light. These tall garden plants can be maintained with constant irrigation.

Mother-in-law language Survives

Extreme conditions and requires little care. Very popular for its long sharp blades, it is widely used in avant-garde interior designs.

Red anthurium

Easy to maintain, this plant is very resistant, blooms throughout the year. It is very beautiful and recognized.

The tall garden plants we choose for our environment should be combined depending on their multitude and thinness. The idea is to use tall perennials that can withstand the seasons of each year. So focus on tall plants that are determined by pruning and irrigation.

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